From Screen to Real Life
    I love to purchase supplies over the Internet. Through experience I know what to
expect. Purchasing something as subjective as art can be daunting. This example provides
information so you have a much better idea of what to expect when opening your
    The Artist's Statement explained that I strip the photographic realism from my work to
give it a Contemporary Realism or Impressionist essence. Even though some of the screen
images look quite photographic, the
detail below gives you a visual
example of why they are
considered impressionistic.
    Bodnant Garden Hillside (left)
looks photographic from 10-12
feet, much like it appears in the
screen image. The closer you
come, the more you see its
impressionistic manner as shown in
the detail (right). Smaller prints
have shorter "focal distances" so
they work well in smaller spaces.
Other images have different "tex-
tures" than the example. Ironically,
my abstracts have a sharper focus
and work for any space.
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