Image Sizes
The dimensions listed for each image show the Height x Width to match convention for jury
submissions. In addition to a single, large master (original), each image is available in two
standard sizes as part of a limited edition, with custom sizes also available as long as the edition
has not sold out.
A master is generally 38" on the small dimension, ranging from 48" to 84" on the largest
dimension. The two standard sizes will be 16" x 20", and a larger size generally 22" x 28"
depending on the image's proportions. Custom sizes may be ordered as long as they do not
exceed 75% of the dimensions of the master for that image. (Done to protect the investment
made by the master image owner.)
Limited Editions
Each of the images available through this site is part of a limited edition. Early work is
available in editions of 150, with later work limited to 40. A master differs from the rest of the
edition in two ways: size and special embellishment.
As you can see, the total number of prints per image is quite small — even at 150—
preserving the exclusivity and value of your investment. Each is numbered and signed.
Satisfaction Policy
It is my goal to provide simply the finest possible quality for my Master images and Limited
Edition prints. I personally produce and inspect each for flaws.
When you receive your print, carefully remove it from the shipping container in case you
must return the print.
If, once you have received your print, you are not happy with the quality or materials, please
contact me. See Return Policy.
Image Sizes
Limited Editions
Satisfaction Policy
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