The master image for "Ephemeral/Edifice #2- Chicago" knocked around with me for awhile. Finally, at a show
in Wausau, WI, not more than 30 minutes to close on the last day, a jogger drew up short, strode into the booth
and started inspecting the picture closely. Stepped back a couple times to look it over, then up closer to examine
details. He looked at me, his face still dripping with perspiration, "How late does the show run?"
    "About another 30 minutes," I said. You could see the dilemma in in his eyes. "Man, I need to think about
this," and he stode out of the booth. Normally, you can bet they won't be back under those circumstances. Ten
minutes later he strode back into the booth, grinned and gave a thumbs up and handed me his credit card. The
only issue was getting it bubble-wrapped so it could be transported in his convertible, with the threat of a storm
coming on. That took all of another 10 minutes including a 6-block round trip to the trailer to retrieve the bubble
    On the way to to trailer and back, I just may have spotted another Ephemeral/Edifice opportunity the next
time I get back to Wausau, too. gnf
    PS- I was back in Wausau the following year and eagerly headed to where I had spotted the opportunity the
previous year. Gone! Only bare dirt remained! I mentioned this to a local and they told me the building had been
relocated, not to worry, it was still around. I satisfied myself by capturing a couple storefronts in the downtown
area. Hopefully when I finally get back to Wausau they will still be there – or at least relocated.
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